Wireshark Filters

Wireshark is an application that allows you to capture network traffic, this is very useful when you need to troubleshoot problems or just to understand how an specific application works. In this post you will find some filters that may help you to correctly interpret complete conversations or specific network packets.

Filtering traffic from one server

ip.addr eq <IP>

Filtering traffic between two servers

ip.addr eq <IP1> and ip.addr eq <IP2>

Filtering traffic of standard protocols






Filtering an SMTP conversation between two servers

ip.addr eq <IP1> and ip.addr eq <IP2> and smtp

Filtering an HTTP conversation between two servers

ip.addr eq <IP1> and ip.addr eq <IP2> and http

Filtering an SMTP Conversation with TLS between two servers

ip.addr eq <IP1> and ip.addr eq <IP2> and ssl

Filtering outgoing packets from ona particular IP

ip.src eq <IP>

Filtering incoming packets from one particular IP

ip.dst eq <IP>

Filtering the number of SMTP sessions

smtp.req.command eq QUIT

Filtering the number of transmited mails

smtp.req.command eq MAIL

Filtering the number of recipients in an SMTP conversation

smtp.req.command eq RCPT

Filtering a specific recipient mailbox

smtp.req.command eq RCPT and smtp.req.parameter contains “user@domain.com”

Filtering a specific sender mailbox

smtp.req.command eq MAIL and smtp.req.parameter conatains “user@domain.com”

Filtering SMTP errors

If you know the error code then use this filter:

smtp.response.code eq <ERROR_CODE>

for example: smtp.response.code eq 421

If you don’t know it, or if you want to list all SMTP errors in the SMTP sessions, then you must first exclude all the valid codes (2XX) until you end up only with 4XX or 5XX codes.

not smtp.response.code eq 220 and not smtp.response.code eq 221 and not smtp.response.code eq 250 and not smtp.response.code eq 354 and smtp.response.code

When you execute this filter you will end up only with 4XX and/or 5XX error codes so you will see all SMTP errors withing your capture. If it ends up blank, it means that no SMTP errors were found in that specific capture.

If you need any other filter or need another interpretation of a Wireshark capture you can leave us a comment or send it to our Twitter account: @redinskala where you can also check out more security information and tips.