::Welcome to RedinSkala::

Welcome to RedinSkala!

The members of this team have been working several years with Network and Security solutions for several years, this has helped us increase our knowledge in several topics like security, operating systems, protocols, analisys methodologies, etc.

As time passes through, we have seen the need to consolidate this information is such a way that is easy to understand and most of all that explains each topic with the appropriate quality and deepness for both beginers and advanced readers.

Most of our articles and publications are free, however, we also ask for your help in acquaring some of our books for what we consider a very economic price since this allows us to acquire the necessary software and hardware to document the materials we present here. Several of the free articles you may find in the site are actually part of our books, we do this so you can see the quality of our work and be confident that you will be acquiring a quality material.

We love what we do, we put much effort, dedication and passion to our work and we hope our online editorial will help you with your study and daily work.


Atte. RedinSkala Team


Correo: rskala@redinskala.com